The GaraDry® range of garage door seals has been designed and developed by a qualified British Industrial Designer.

Ergonomics and styling

Ergonomics concerns the relationship between a product, the user and the environment. It is not enough for a product just to be functional, it should also look good.

Of course, aesthetics can influence the success and failure of a product, no matter what functional advantages it has. So through research, concept sketching and computer rendering, foam modelling and prototyping, we believe we have maximised the product's appeal and at the same time delivered a product that is functional and appropriate for the industry.

Model making and prototyping

Model making and prototyping are critical parts of the product development process. Within the concept and styling development stage of a project we produced accurate visual models from card and high density foam.

Finally, we commissioned pre-production prototypes in order to test strength, flexibility and performance of selected material prior to tooling.


The GaraDry® product range are all manufactured to a high specification. To keep production costs and the RRP to a minimum, the product is manufactured in large quantities without affecting quality.

A strict quality control regime ensures tolerances are adhered to and the product performs exactly to specification.


GaraDry concept drawing
Aluminium concept drawing