Rainwater & Leaves Blow Under Your Garage Door?

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Uncertain about the ideal threshold seal for your specific needs?

Explore our extensive collection of customer installation photos, showcasing the effectiveness of our innovative range in maintaining clean, dry, and debris-free garages.

Whether safeguarding a classic sports car, storing holiday decorations, or keeping sentimental items, we offer a diverse selection of threshold seals tailored to your personal needs.

Our satisfied customers not only awarded us 5-star Trustpilot reviews but also willingly shared their installations to guide others in selecting the perfect product. Regardless of your flooring type - be it concrete, asphalt, paving slabs, epoxy, or tiles - our customer photos attest to successful installations on all surfaces. Every seal in our range is comprehensively depicted, allowing you to envision how each would seamlessly integrate and function in your garage.

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Garage Door Seal Kits
  1. Central Profile

    Seals against the door creating a watertight seal up to the height of the seal

  2. Yellow Warning Line

    Designed with safety in mind to prevent tripping & falls

  3. Durable Thermoplastic Material

    Durable & fleixble - 100% recyclable, and does not degrade over time

  4. Serrated Bottom Edge

    Creates a stronger bond to the adhesive

15mm garage door threshold seal with exact markings of features found on the product
Commercial Door Seals
  1. Central Profile

    Designed with safety in mind to prevent tripped & falls

  2. Joining Bars

    Internal joining bars allow multiple sections to be joined to create a seamless seal

  3. Aluminium Material

    Designed to withstand heavier loads, up to 50 ton. Gentle ramp profile allows forklift trucks and pallet trucks to easily pass over

  4. Bottom Insert Seal

    Compresses against floor to create a watertight seal up to the height of the seal

Showing the different specifications and features of the 25mm commercial door threshold seal product

The Best Garage Door Threshold Seals

When we first designed the garage door seal thresholds you can see above, we were way ahead of the competition. Over the years we have slowly iterated on the design to the one you know today, creating a varied range of products all tested and curated to protect garages. Our products are here to make sure that you never have to sweep the garage again, making it fully waterproof up to the height of the seal and preventing any windswept debris from making its way inside the garage.

The garage door seals and commercial door seals you can see on our website act as an excellent rodent repellant by sealing the gap between the bottom of the garage door and the floor. This makes it nigh on impossible for mice and rats to get through provided the seal has been installed properly.

Our Seals:

•Prevent rainfall getting into the garage making it waterproof up to the height of the seal
•Keep heat in and reduce energy costs
•Give you more free time as you don’t have to maintain your garage as often
•Help prevent rodent infestations
•Keep leaves and other windswept debris out of the garage
•Stop rodents, snakes, and some insects from going inside
•Stops leaves being blown under the door

Why should you consider picking up a garage door seal?

At GaraDry® we are dedicated to making sure that you get the product that you need, whether it be for domestic garages or commercial applications with roller shutter doors and the like, we have the stock to make it work. If you navigate yourself to our “All Products” page, you will find everything we sell which will build your confidence in our dedication to keeping your garage clean and dry.

One of the largest problems that we have seen over the years is people not waterproofing their garage against the elements, and we made it our mission statement to fix that issue.

All our products work towards that goal by providing you with protection 24 hours a day. No one likes to clean the garage after a big storm has brought leaves, papers and whatever else it could carry to your door. However, with our products you will not have to worry about that or the dampness ever again.

The entire range of products you can see on the site will help prevent your tools and equipment from rusting in the garage by removing the dampness and condensation caused by flooding. Additionally, any cardboard, paper or food stores will be protected.

Man standing outside of garage in the rain, without a fitted garage door threshold seal kit
A clean garage with a garage door threshold seal installed

How do our products function?

Our residential seals are installed using our specially formulated adhesive & sealant which ensures no water can seep underneath the seal, whilst the seal itself acts as a physical barrier to water up to the height of the seal itself. The residential seals start from 15mm and go all the way up to 50mm in height, with the largest being a dam that can stop significant amounts of flooding and standing water.

Our commercial threshold seal range are installed using concrete screws which cause the PVC seals to compress and form a watertight seal preventing water from seeping underneath, whilst the aluminium acts as a physical barrier up to the height of the seal.

Our seals are also simple to install; on our YouTube channel you can find guides for installing all the products you can see on our website. The instruction booklet for the garage door seal kits comes with a QR link to the YouTube video which will help you install it once you have the product in your hands, but the instruction pages will help you to affix the seal to the floor and garage door.