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Garage Door Threshold Seals for Any Garage

All of our garage door thresholds were created in order to fulfil a simple need to waterproof garages from the elements. They are an ultimate solution for an extremely common problem of water ingress and water damage to property, while being extremely easy to apply and install. They have a couple of different heights from the solid reliable 15mm high garage door seal all the way up to the impressive 50mm garage door flood barrier ‘Garadam’, which is our largest product yet.

Every single one of them comes with a 5 year warranty and tube(s) of adhesive for installation. We want to make sure that all of our customers feel good about buying our products, and the best way to do that is to show utter confidence in the strength and longevity of our garage door threshold seals. Each of the seals comes with yellow warning strips and they were put there in order to ensure safety as the different heights and especially the taller ones can be a tripping hazard.

Garadam Garage Door Flood Barrier Threshold Kit 50mm (High)
Garadam Garage Door Flood Barrier Threshold Kit 50mm (High)

How do our Garage Door Seal Products Work?

Because all of our garage door threshold seals were designed by a fully qualified industrial designer, you can be assured that they will work for the function they are designed for. The way to install our garage door seals is to place them behind the garage door pressing tight against the back of the garage door. When this has been done correctly and applied with our GaraDry adhesive & sealant it will create a watertight seal up to the height of the seal, and prevent any water and leaves from entering the garage.

During floods and storms our products becomes an indispensable addition to any garage because they are ideal for defending against heavier rain. They are designed to prevent rain and standing water from making its way inside the garage up to the height of seal you pick. There are many uses for garages which have become more common in the past few years, whether it’s home gyms, workshops or a storage. We have customers who have used our seals for all these applications and have received rave reviews, so if you’re on the fence read our reviews on TrustPilot to find out for yourself.

Another function of the garage door threshold seals that cannot be understated is that because they seal the gap between the garage door and floor they also reduce draughts. This helps to keep heat inside and reduce energy costs for you. In regards to rodents because the gap will be fully secure, you should not see any more vermin and critters slipping into your garage. You will also not see any debris or leaves go into the garage either, and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your garage will be clean and dry.


GaraDry® Adhesive & Accessories for Garage Door Seals

If you would like a demonstration of how one of our garage door threshold seals is installed then you can click here to view a video which will show you how it looks and whether it will help you. Our GaraDry® adhesive was curated in order to fit perfectly with our range of garage door threshold seal products. When you apply it between the floor and the seal it will stay like that the entire time the threshold seal stays in your garage.

The way to apply the adhesive is to apply it from a caulking gun, which you can also buy here, in two parallel lines followed by creating an unbroken zigzag line in the middle. This is the ideal and advised way to use the adhesive and additionally the adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +90°C which means that hot summers and cold winters will not trouble the adhesive.

If you go on the adhesive & accessories page or by clicking here you’ll be able to find any and all information about the products. There is a range of them available for you depending on the needs you may have with our product. There are side blocks available in two different types, square foam blocks to be used with garage door threshold seals that go too far back behind the track in order to stop the water spilling over the sides. The other type of side block is specifically used with our ‘Garadam’ product, which are more indented but fit the same purpose of stopping the water spilling over the sides.

GaraDry Adhesive & Sealant